Snow Day Info


Check here to see if we are canceling classes due to snow!


If we need to cancel classes, the snow day date and class times will be listed here. A decision will be made 1 hour prior to classes beginning. All missed classes due to poor weather will be made up in better weather. Extra days off have been built into our calendar over Memorial Weekend. Most snow days will be made up during that week.

Ear protection is an important way to protect hearing during a variety of activities. Any sound carrying over 85 decibels can damage the hearing, especially with repeated exposure, the gear that you uses has to be a very good one, so look for the advises from headphonage to get the right gear.

Today is Tuesday December 17, we will not be holding classes today due to the ice.
We will make these classes up in better weather.

In case of bad weather and the need to fully cancel classes, D&MDS makes the missed classes up in better weather. You may check for snow closings 3 ways: Call the studio and press 2 for our weather update. Check your email for our snow closing letter. Visit our web site and look under the ‘studio news’ link located in the upper right of the home page screen. Have a great snow day!

Keeping Dance Tights New


If you have a dancer in your life, you know the difficulties of dance tights. Easily ripped or snagged, fading caused by washing, and misshaped waistbands. Every parent wishes tights would last longer and every dancer wants their tights to be soft, supple and well fitted. How do you keep your tights in toe tapping shape? Here are some suggestions from Continue reading

Artist Uses Her Mouth to Paint


Your weekly inspiration…..

When Mariam Pare was paralyzed in a gun shooting, she thought her dreams of being an artist were over. But with determination and many hours of practice she taught herself to hold her paintbrush in her mouth. She now paints masterpieces of famous people (among other things) and is living her dream as an artist.

What’s In Your Dance Bag?


Ever wonder what teenage dancers keep in their dance bag? Now is your chance to find out!

Katy, age 12. What she has to have in her dance bag? Pointe shoes, several dance skirts and flat ballet slippers.


character shoes, pointe shoes, de-shanked shoes, aggie bucks, contact cases, cell phone, mouthwash, bowl, ballet slippers, jazz shoes, dance skirt.

Aria, age 7. What she has to have? Dance clothes, dance shoes, bun Continue reading

Aria’s Dancing Year


Aria on the left in her strong man costume.


September 2014
This year I am taking 7 dance classes. My favorite class is jazz & tap. I like the isolations in jazz (moving one part of your body at a time) Continue reading

Do You Know How To “Toe Tap”?

Tap dancing while wearing pointe shoes is an old Vaudeville tradition. Filled with great rhythms, tricks unique to toe tapping and winning smiles; toe tapping is a crowd pleaser.

Today you can rarely see toe tapping except in old movies or on YouTube. This video comes from the WB pictures movie, “The Gem of the Ocean” Starring Jeanne Aubert. The dancers are Dick and Edith Barstow.

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A Parent’s View; Summer Ballet Intensive: Part 3


Thane in 2014 vs 2015. Big improvement, well done Thane!

Don’t miss ——Part 1——

Don’t miss ——Part 2——


Day 6:

Thane had a busy family weekend and was a little tired Monday morning. He had some last minute nervous tummy as I was dropping him off, but he was super happy when I picked him up in the afternoon.

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A Parent’s View; Summer Ballet Intensive: Part 2


Thane’s first day of his summer intensive, 2014. He was so nervous I didn’t think he would go in! This year, 2015, he was a very different kid! All smiles and excitement.


Be sure to read Part 1 first!

Many Dance Design School parents have asked me about summer ballet intensive programs since Thane attended on in the summer of 2014. I don’t generally recommend my dancers below age 13 audition and attend a professional ballet summer intensive. It can be so stressful for young students that they will quit ballet upon returning from the program. Continue reading

A Parent’s View; Summer Ballet Intensive: Part 1


Thane’s 2015 summer ballet intensive audition arabesque.

I own a small dance studio in a quiet town in upstate NY. My son, Thane, is one of the few boys we have in our ballet program. He lives a charmed life at the dance studio; all the teachers love him and the girls want to be his friend. At school he’s a good student and makes friends easily.

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